Friday, 21 January 2011

The Earth Speaks

So the earth has apparently decided to communicate with humans by means of the sides of Chipotle packets.

It's sort of like the subway ads that you read because there's nothing else to look at. You look up, instantly regret it and are left feeling a bit depressed. I'm sure customers would be fine with a blank bag, and it would give whichever intern wrote it more time to make better coffee, which would in turn (sic) hopefully make everyone have better ideas. Or are they making media commission on litter too?

Picture it, you're sitting in a Chipotle late at night, crying into your take-out because you didn't pull at the club, you look around, and the only thing in view that grabs your attention is a brown bag with writing on it. You read it, and cry a little harder.

What some may regard as flair, is really just clutter. Leave the bag blank, you'll be fine. I promise.


Range Rover - Powered by Intelligence

Well that's a fookin burn.