Sunday, 18 March 2012


Mercedes-Benz has BlueTec and BlueEfficiency, and VW has BlueMotion.

I don't really care what any of these names mean, but it's sort of interesting nonetheless. Interesting as to why we need to own colours that are in no way otherwise aligned with these brands. But there you have it - it's happening.

If you have to pick a colour though, I guess blue is the best option. Blue feels maybe like a gas flame or electricity or clean energy one way or another - without fighting over green.

Get in early to own colours nearest to green on the spectrum? Is that what's happening here? Interesting to see where things go from here. Like, in general...

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Human Resources!

Why does no-one understand these people? Are they in fact a species unto themselves? Why are they slow to communicate, why do they leave work early to "miss the traffic", or generally create some kind of progress blockage when you least need it?

I say this out of deep concern for people and business. The value-add tends to be tenuous and erratic, and I have have long been unable to get my head around how any one role could with such blinding consistency be the sore thumb of so many organisations and industries.

For me the problem comes in when, on one random day, you meet an HR person that really knows what they're doing. And I mean in every way knows why they are there and what value they are going to add that day to their company.

I'm writing this because I met one such HR person recently. (I'm not going to say where this happened to me because I just feel that would be unfair). And now, all of a sudden, I feel justified in my past judgements about every time I've met a rotten one. It really was quite an eye-opener. This one event seems to me all the confirmation I need that, while there are gems out there - and all kudos to them - the rest are largely not qualified to leave the house, much less hold down a job of their own or attempt to co-ordinate other people's work-lives for them.

How ironic that it's one of the very few pukka people jobs out there. I'm now even more bewildered than before.

It's me, it's you...

I will bet my life that this kind of thing is where 70% of real social media spending goes. That and measuring the stats on this activity, of course.