Monday, 28 February 2011

Right, anti-virus software... where to begin

I've been without anti-virus software for around five years. The day I removed it from my work computer, my productivity went up at least 20 percent, due mostly to the poor thing not choking itself to death with constant and untimely scans and update procedures (updates at least a weekly occurrence requiring something like a 50meg download each time).

Most of these scans also happen (unavoidably) on startup - which is kind of an inappropriate time, considering I shut it down the night before. I promise nothing has happened in this time, dear programmers, and when I get to work I expect to be able to work and use programs, not be faced with a little twirly icon in the corner as the only evidence of life for the next half hour.

In fact, on occasion, mister anti-virus was scanning and updating so hard he couldn't even twirl his own icon. After the fourth or fifth time that happened, and a few therapy sessions later, I realised I was in fact on candid camera. Off with his head.

I also have not had this software on my personal laptop since I bought it new two years ago and have never been happier. I just don't do anything too stupid. Now I'm not saying that anti-virus companies are the ones inventing viruses, or at the very least inducing some sort of low-level panic - I'm not saying that. I mean I'm just saying...

Monday, 21 February 2011

If You Think In Pictures:

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Thursday, 17 February 2011

That Slimy Bastard

I love the Barbie and Ken campaign on billboards around NYC. And I think it's because they only show Ken.

I mean... I like girls, but there's just so much left to the imagination. It takes the whole Barbie concept from being just an object and a doll, to reminding people of the captivating soap operas that once took place inside so many little girl's rooms around the world.

Not so sure about the inevitably-cheesy-as-shit reality show Genuine Ken that is associated with the campaign (the real cash cow) but it's otherwise a great way to get people thinking and remembering.

Anyway, I always knew Ken would make a comeback.

Update Your Music

Pravda23 is my one of my dearest friends, whom I have know since we were both five years old. That makes 24 years. He has also been creating music since that long ago.

He is a self taught guitarist, pianist, drummer and violinist who has over the past years also recorded, mixed and mastered his own music at home, often making videos of the results to create new concepts in music production, performance and consumption. Right now he's in South Korea getting his groove on, where he performed a live DJ set in a public toilet. No bushit.

John Bartmann, as he is otherwise known, is an advocate of open-source music making, and produced The Kuleshov Effect, an album that explores the idea of re-releasing music again and again in updated, remixed or reworked versions.

If you're into innovative and generally crazy music making, or even are interested in being a part of a collaborative effort, go to Pravda23.