Friday, 26 June 2009

New vibe: hollow ice

The weather outside is 32 degrees and at 100% humidity. Which means it's the same inside, I guess.

As I sit in my bedroom in Brooklyn, fan blowing loudly, ass stuck to the chair, I finally made it to the kitchen to get some water. Of course the ice in the freezer had not frozen through yet, but I did notice how it was in fact exactly half-frozen.

Which is actually pretty awesome. You get to have not just a top layer frozen, mind, but a complete hard shell of ice. While the almost frozen water from the center you can pour into your glass, making the overall temperature lower than if you had used just regular tap water. Do you know how much better hollow ice sounds in the glass?

Those perfect little shards stay so beautifully frozen for the entire duration of my beverage sipping, and make me feel like a James Bond villain in a Lanvin suit, uh... whose ass is not stuck to a chair.

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