Monday, 29 June 2009

Nothing quite like a spot of Wimbledon

I'm watching a particularly exciting match between Britain's "hope" Andy Murray and Stanilas Wawrinka on the newly-roofed and newly-lit centre court. It reminded me of last year's final between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. This event I regard to be the single best sporting event that I have ever seen. Federer was on course to beat Pete Sampras' record, was he to win, but on the day faced some incredibly good quality opposition in the form of Nadal.

There was hardly an unforced error in the match - on any given point one player was simply and solidly outplayed by the other. Over a course of almost 7 hours, including rain delays, the match resulted in the some of the most incredible rallies ever seen in tennis. I believe even John McEnroe said it was the greatest match he'd ever seen.

Being lucky enough to see such a high level of anything happen for such an unusually long time is a something I won't easily forget.

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