Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Probably the most important AdAge piece in years - I hope it actually gets read

If you care about advertising, or social media, or business, or modern life in general, may I suggest immersing yourself briefly in one of the most relevant articles published in adland in quite a while. To be blunt, advertisers have been letting it slip a little. The Cabury's Gorilla, Old Spice Videos - good entertainment, but thin as a pancake and doing exactly NOT the job they came here to do: build brands and build loyalty to brands, assuming instead that any time spent with their content is a win. Why this was ever the case one has to wonder, but nevertheless it's pretty much the way things are done now.

This article here pretty much sums up my position. I find it rare that adfolk actually have positions these days (one would imagine, a tenet of strategy generally) but that's a matter for another day. Pretty much every point is spot on.

"The point is we need both -- the brand-building skills we learned in the past, combined with the brand-extension tools technology offers today."

It's hard to believe ideas like these have not been voiced more in adland or ad media of late. Everyone is still very much, too much, on the social/digital train. My job as a strategist, or someone with eyes, is to look how much track the train really has left.

Digital is expanding into infinity. This is a bad thing.

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